Table 1. Comparison of GRPP amino acid sequences derived from proglucagon
Gene IDSpeciesSequenceSequence identity
gi¦204370 Rattus norvegicus HAPQDTEENARSFPASQTEPLEDPDQINED30/30 (100%)
rGRPP‐LP (Patzelt and Schiltz 1984) Rattus norvegicus HAPQDTEENARSFPASQTEPLEDPNQINE28/30 (97%)
gi¦183270 Homo sapiens RSLQDTEEKSRSFSASQADPLSDPDQMNED20/30 (67%)
  • Comparison of GRPP and GRPP‐LP from rat preproglucagon and GRPP from human preproglucagon. Residues differing from the GRPP‐like peptide are bold and underlined.