Table 1. Primary antisera, their respective hosts, dilutions, reference codes and sources, used in this study
Tissue antigen or labelHost speciesAntibody codeDilutionSource or reference
Acylated ghrelinRabbitRY16011:10,000 (stomach); 1:1000 (spinal cord)Mizutani et al. (2009); Furness et al. (2011)
Acylated ghrelinRabbitG011:3000 (stomach); 1:500 (spinal cord)Patterson et al. (2005); Furness et al. (2011)
Acylated ghrelinChickenAb158611:800 (stomach and spinal cord)Abcam, Cambridge, UK
Desacyl ghrelinRabbitRY15951:10,000 (stomach); 1:1000 (spinal cord)Mizutani et al. (2009); Furness et al. (2011)
Neuronal NOS (nNOS)SheepV2051:5000 (stomach and spinal cord)Williamson et al. (1996)
Neuropeptide YSheepE22101:400 (stomach and spinal cord)Furness et al. (1985)