Table 2. The effects of acute MIE and HIIE on 24‐h glycemic control, postprandial response to MMTT and overnight glycemia in three adolescents with T1D
Participant AParticipant BParticipant C
Total 24‐h bolus insulin (units)322819241517322819
Mean blood [glucose], mmol L−110.810.
% hyperglycemia87%91%73%46%51%47%20%12%9%
% euglycemia13%6%12%14%28%37%79%71%34%
% hypoglycemia0%3%15%40%21%16%2%16%57%
Hypoglycemic events12222135
Insulin units with meal77.564009.590
Mean blood [glucose], mmol L−
tAUC [glucose]1360102695689011541013690500393
% hyperglycemia100%56%48%48%76%76%20%0%0%
% euglycemia0%36%32%52%24%24%80%56%28%
% hypoglycemia0%0%20%0%0%0%0%44%72%
Hypoglycemic event
Mean blood [glucose], mmol L−
% hyperglycemia100%100%40%31%0%47%0%8%0%
% euglycemia0%0%13%9%44%53%100%85%13%
% hypoglycemia0%0%35%60%56%0%0%7%87%
Hypoglycemic event
  • Results shown as individual values. 4‐h tAUC; Total area under curve, MMTT; mixed meal tolerance test. % represents percentage of total time spent in hyper‐ (>7.2 mmol L−1), eu‐ (3.9–7.2 mmol L−1), and hypo‐ (<3.9 mmol L−1) glycemia.