Table 3. Videomicroscopy measures at 24 h of age in the term newborn: (A) structural; (B) functional; and (C) velocity/flow
Videomicroscopy parameterMeanSDLower 95%Upper 95%Median25th Quartile75th Quartile
(A) Structural
Detected vessel length (mm)
Vessel density (mm/mm2)1831322181520
Vessel surface area percentage2942236292631
De Backer score (1/mm)122.57.316121014
Small vessel length (mm)
Small vessel length percentage8196392837589
Small vessel perfused length (mm)
Small vessel perfused length percentage8286692827589
Medium vessel length (mm)
Medium vessel length percentage178634151122
Medium vessel perfused length (mm)
Medium vessel perfused length percentage168528141021
Large vessel length (mm)0.230.320.010.820.090.020.33
Large vessel length percentage3.55.80.1161.10.24.0
Large vessel perfused length (mm)0.280.380.
Large vessel perfused length percentage4.26.90240.60.24.7
(B) Functional
Small vessels sluggish flow (%)
Small vessels continuous flow (%)799.56293777388
Medium vessels sluggish flow (%)
Medium vessels continuous flow (%)158.14.227139.123
Large vessels sluggish flow (%)
Large vessels continuous flow (%)
Small vessels TVD (mm/mm2)153.47.920151218
Small vessels PVD (mm/mm2)153.39.820151318
Small vessels PPV (%)828.66693837590
Small vessels MFI2.
Other vessels TVD (mm/mm2)
Other vessels PVD (mm/mm2)
Other vessels PPV (%)188.76.634171025
Other vessels MFI3.
All vessels TVD (mm/mm2)182.81322191620
All vessels PVD (mm/mm2)182.51322191620
All vessels PPV (%)1000.2100100100100100
All vessels MFI3.
(C) Velocity/flow
Small vessel average velocity (μm/sec)430110270640400370490
Medium vessel average velocity (μm/sec)420140190740420340510
Large vessel average velocity (μm/sec) a a a a a a a
All vessel average velocity (μm/sec)440110260640430370510
Small vessel average flow (μL/sec)79 00029 00035 000130 00083 00056 00098 000
Medium vessel average flow (μL/sec)340 000160 000130 000770 000340 000210 000400 000
Large vessel average flow (μL/sec) a a a a a a a
All vessel average flow (μL/sec)130 00094 00043 000290 000100 00073 000170 000
  • a Unable to calculate due to small numbers.