Table 2. Videomicroscopy measures at 6 h of age in the term newborn: (a) structural; (B) functional and (C) velocity/flow
Videomicroscopy parameterMeanSDLower 95%Upper 95%Median25th Quartile75th Quartile
(A) Structural
Detected vessel length (mm)
Vessel density (mm/mm2)183.11324181620
Vessel surface area percentage293.52234292631
De Backer score (1/mm)122.68.317121113
Small vessel length (mm)
Small vessel length percentage827.17093827988
Small vessel perfused length (mm)
Small vessel perfused length percentage827.66993817989
Medium vessel length (mm)1.10.350.521.81.10.941.4
Medium vessel length percentage175.97.027171220
Medium vessel perfused length (mm)1.10.360.521.81.10.871.5
Medium vessel perfused length percentage176.27.027181121
Large vessel length (mm)
Large vessel length percentage1.
Large vessel perfused length (mm)
Large vessel perfused length percentage2.
(B) Functional
Small vessels sluggish flow (%)
Small vessels continuous flow (%)74200.092787184
Medium vessels sluggish flow (%)0.240.900.
Medium vessels continuous flow (%)167.20.029161020
Large vessels sluggish flow (%) a a a a a a a
Large vessels continuous flow (%)
Small vessels TVD (mm/mm2)153.68.522151318
Small vessels PVD (mm/mm2)153.78.522151318
Small vessels PPV (%)827.86993827889
Small vessels MFI2.
Other vessels TVD (mm/mm2)3.10.931.
Other vessels PVD (mm/mm2)
Other vessels PPV (%)187.86.631181122
Other vessels MFI3.
All vessels TVD (mm/mm2)183.11324181620
All vessels PVD (mm/mm2)183.11324181620
All vessels PPV (%)1000100100100100100
All vessels MFI3.
(C) Velocity/flow
Small vessel average velocity (μm/sec)390135170730380310440
Medium vessel average velocity (μm/sec)400160190680390290530
Large vessel average velocity (μm/sec) a a a a a a a
All vessel average velocity (μm/sec)404135238727389328465
Small vessel average flow (μL/sec)79 00036 00031 000131 00075 00052 00098 000
Medium vessel average flow (μL/sec)34 0000190 000120 000690 000290 000220 000420 000
Large vessel average flow (μL/sec) a a a a a a a
All vessel average flow (μL/sec)150 00098 00039 000390 000110 00076 000190 000
  • a Unable to calculate due to small numbers.