Table 5. Proteins regulated by NFE2L2 or identified as interaction partners of NFE2L2
Uniprot IDProtein nameFCPathway/Function (Annotation/Reference)Match of predicted versus observed regulation (Y/N)
B1ATI0ALDH3A22.1Target of NFE2L2 regulon (Kwak et al., 2003), repair of lipidperoxides (Demozay et al., 2008)Y
A2AMV3AKR7A51.4NFE2L2‐mediated oxidative stress response (IPA), repair of lipidperoxides (Li et al., 2006)Y
Q5EBQ7MSRA1.4Co‐cited transcription factor NFE2L2 (GePS), repair of oxidized cysteine residues (Styskal et al., 2013)Y
A2A8C9HSP40 (DNAJC11)1.4NFE2L2‐mediated oxidative stress response (IPA)Y
Q3TXQ6CAT0.7NFE2L2‐mediated oxidative stress response (IPA, GePS)N
P08228SOD10.6NFE2L2‐mediated oxidative stress response (IPA, GePS)N
Q91VS7MGST11.3NFE2L2‐mediated oxidative stress response (IPA, GePS), repair of lipidperoxides (Kelner et al., 2000)Y
Q64435UGT1A62.6Co‐cited transcription factor NFE2L2 (GePS)Y
O35728CYP4A140.4Co‐cited transcription factor NFE2L2 (GePS),microsomal FAO (Gambino et al., 2011)N
Q8VCW9CYP2A121.8Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
B6VGH4CYP1A21.6Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
O35490BHMT1.9Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
Q543J0UOX0.7Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
O88833CYP4A100.5 Target of the NFE2L2 regulona,
microsomal FAO (Gambino et al., 2011)
Q8BJL4LMAN21.6Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
Q9D8V0‐3HM131.7Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaY
O88668CREG10.5Target of the NFE2L2 regulonaN
Q3TJI8HSD11B12.0Co‐cited transcription factor NFE2L2 (GePS), inactivates NFE2L2 (Kratschmar et al., 2012)
A1A4A7PGAM50.5Co‐cited transcription factor NFE2L2 (GePS), tethers NFE2L2 to mitochondria (Xue et al., 2015)
  • a Kwak et al. (2003), FC – fold change reflects the mean abundance of high fat‐fed mice divided by the mean abundance of control‐fed mice.