Table 1. Range of reported ventilated sweat capsule surface areas across selected studies (utilizing intradermal microdialysis) to highlight the variety of capsule sizes that have been employed
StudySweating stimulusCapsule surface area
Lorenzo and Minson (2010)Cholinergic stimulation (acetylcholine)0.5 cm2
Welch et al. (2009)Exercise (60% VO2peak)*0.567 cm2
Metzler‐Wilson et al. (2014)Cholinergic stimulation (acetylcholine)0.6 cm2
Wingo et al. (2010)Whole‐body passive heating0.64 cm2
Lee and Mack (2006)Cholinergic stimulation (methacholine)0.7 cm2
Fujii et al. (2015c)Exercise2.8 cm2
Wilson et al. (2005)Whole‐body passive heating2.83 cm2
Schlereth et al. (2006)Cholinergic stimulation (acetylcholine)3.125 cm2
Smith et al. (2013)Cholinergic stimulation (acetylcholine) and whole‐body passive heating4.46 cm2
  • Sweating stimulus refers to the means by which sweating was induced. Cholinergic stimulation was accomplished by administration of exogenous cholinergic agonists (i.e., acetylcholine or methacholine).

  • Exercise models were performed *at a fixed percentage of participant's peak oxygen consumption (VO2peak) or at a fixed rate of metabolic heat production.

  • Whole‐body passive heating achieved with use of a water perfused suit.